Oddly Calm

by Slumberjack

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eggy! Rock Maggie Meyers in Huntsville. Tight 3-piece. Great guitar tone straight into Peavey(?), no pedals. Powerful vocals.
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released April 13, 2017

Engineered and Produced by Mathew Harris, ListenCarefully Productions
Cover photo by Ashley Smoot, on instagram at @digital.ash



all rights reserved


Slumberjack Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Halloween King
God is watching television
if my father knows the truth, the way, the life

as we all fall down, God is watching television

I've wasted time, to see that now is an ember in my palm, pulsing breathe
so hold me down, I need it now, to be alone with you is all I want
holding onto what you let go so long ago

Halloween King mean cigarette, living on the smoke and his temperament
take him back he needed something just to feel the way he did when you were there

what are you thinking, I asked what are you thinking, what are you thinking
but she said nothing
what a shame
Track Name: people eat everything
I watched you fall asleep, face lit up by a screen.
early morning dreams and your warm body
you said that being vegan was a form of privilege if you're truly hungry people eat everything
I wanted to believe you shared apart of me
Now I'm sleeping in the spare room that used to be my bedroom smoking cigarettes listening to Baribeau
but breathe a little deeper, really let it seep in, start to romanticize the honest way you'll die
start pulling all the speakers, drowning in the meager.
I want to live long enough to learn how to die.
here is your surprise, please take all of the time i have
i thought it was enough
i hope it's what you want
Track Name: like we're in love again
Calm down now then can we talk like we're in love again and not just like we're just friends. I know I've been a big piece of shit but everything is different I hope you can believe this. dead now, quiet then i have killed myself or who i use to be he's face down in the leaves
but now i walk in the light my yellow bird flies from my side, and lands alone atop a cage of

"sorry" and "please stop." "you fucked it up now its lost but you can hold me if you want to try and resurrect the past and all the god things left."

I can't breathe when you're not around and cry myself until you hear me out. take these words, like biblical truths commit them to daily use. And when I come back to visit know I've been waiting just to see you again
and hold you till we both drop dead.
Track Name: progression of a chia pet
I want to burn, sleep writhe then drink it away
you don't know me at all never did somehow
and when you go, please don't ask me to stay
cause I cannot dear. Never could stay here
and its been so long since I could say I'm fine
but I still say it, nothing's that different
and if you could see me now I think you'd smile
cause I'm so broken tell me how have you been?

but when the fox preaches you should count your geese
and i've been thinking about this for weeks
but when you go dear would you think of me
in that moment before you fall asleep

now I'm thinking sideways no I'm getting clean hoping you would believe. so take me home or i'll take me out
i guess i'll see you around

I wanted to give you my life, would you still take it after what I've been
Track Name: grey paper
Ali Rose I hope you find something that truly calms your heart. It's beating loudly in my good ear, shoulder leaned close.
Ali Rose the future's bright but the easy way out is dark, think of your brothers coming summers sweet November's yet to start

I got your letter yesterday your red ink on grey paper, 27's never fade so hear me

Ali Rose I have nothing I have nothing at all
but I believe life is worth it all

so start to undress feel you presence there's light in darkness to be seen. love your baggage all your worn threads imperfection is honesty

but now we are delicate bones to bring to monuments of what we were then things created neo-human we
but I never did listen to myself

but now we are skeletons, bones to bring to monuments

please don't do it think of me when you're about to make that last err
Track Name: fall back down
I wanted the beauty in suffering I wanted the beauty in nothing left, inspired stern by the lovely, searching lonely for decadence wrapped in leafy blues a Sunday soon
you are the way I am
I am the way you were then

I never thought I'd fall back down so soon

you are the way I am

let me down or let me in
just let me down or let me in
i needed something i could never afford in all my dreams of loneliness and how its been
two stones crushed together that pile of whatever

I am the weather bearing down your window sill
the doubt you carry that fire a will
blinded lovers breathe calm and still
Track Name: Daisies
There it is all laid out at your feet but you stomp on it like Daisies, the world is spoiled so we'll be spoiled too
Im cold here despite springs glow
I know it's warm were you're from
that beautiful full town we were in not so long ago but

Gristle on my bones I said now take me back to home as soon as you can
but as the story goes it was never really told by the losers point of view
my head turns to cold changing with the summer solstice on it you will put gristle on my bones and take me back to home if you can

but all I've ever wanted was for something to stick around
and if you're the devil then I am in love with the devil
so put on your makeup and walk out of the door
cause I know that it's lonely here but I've been here before

whatever makes you feel better, when you;re gone just know it's better when you're home and I hope it won't take to long for you to see that
just leave us alone

so there we are once again holding onto something that has ended

knowing I could have been what you wanted

now we are as we were as we always will be
but now let it die just let it end